Upgrading Your Credit Card Terminals? Things to Consider

//Upgrading Your Credit Card Terminals? Things to Consider

Upgrading Your Credit Card Terminals? Things to Consider

There are lots of benefits as to why you should upgrade your credit card terminals. Benefits such as reduced fraud cases, improved customer trust and loyalty and the fact that the shift will save your business more money in the long run despite the initial expense when upgrading. These are enough reasons to motivate you to make the change not forgetting the fact that even your client’s modes of payment are evolving with technology and so you have to grow with them to keep up.

I will assume by now that you are convinced that there is a need for you to upgrade. So what things should you consider during your upgrading?


Your new credit card reader should be compatible with your already existing POS and credit card system. Talk to your machine provider to give you a credit card reader that integrates to your POS system without you having to end up spending so much.

EMV Chip readers and PIN readers

To be compliant to EMV and for liability reasons, you are advised to upgrade to readers that process both debit cards and credit cards. Since the liability shift in October 2015, merchants are now held liable in case of any fraud cases. To protect yourself from such liabilities, you should seriously consider EMV Compliance if you have not. The good thing with most EMV card readers is that they incorporate the magnetic card reader as well so as not to leave out the customers who have not yet acquired chip cards.


The way your credit card machines connect to your POS, and your payment processors is key. Some will use Bluetooth, USB, Wi-Fi, cable or even Ethernet connection to connect. Just choose what technology is convenient for you and works best with your systems.

For portability consider using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. If you are going for a cheaper connection option, you can use Cable or USB.

Merchants can add mobile processing at no extra cost. This is convenient if you are looking for an outdoor shop as this gives you the convenience of mobility.

Payment verification method

The most common payment verification is the PIN method where your clients enter their PIN to verify. However, there are many other available technologies that your customers can use but ensure that you choose one that is of a less hassle to your customers such as an on-screen signature pad.

Upgrading your credit card is something long term for your business, and so the decisions should not be made hastily. Take your time to review and consult before settling on a payment processing system. Have both your customers and your business in mind.


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