How to Order and Set Up a Free Square Credit Card Reader

//How to Order and Set Up a Free Square Credit Card Reader

How to Order and Set Up a Free Square Credit Card Reader

If you are a small business owner, then you know how challenging it can with processing cashless payments.

The solution lies in having a cashless payment system that is exceptionally convenient for both you and your clients; one that offers a range of functionalities while still affordable

Square card reader is one such system that will provide you with the convenience to accept credit card payments through a mobile device. Square card reader uses specific software and hardware to accept credit card payments and analyze your customer info. You can also integrate it with other management systems, and you can even use it to create a free online store.

It’s important to note that in as much as the card reader is free, you will be charged a transactional fee of about 2.75% of the transaction fee

So how do you go about ordering for your Square credit card reader?

Step 1.  Log in to square’s site and create your free account on their site. Make sure to enter your correct details.

Step 2.  Enter your details and indicate how you’ll be using the square card reader. Click continue once done

Step 3. Enter your bank details, that is the account name, account number, type, and account routing number. Click continue once done

Step 4. Select your package by choosing whether you only want the Square card reader only or inclusive of the magnetic stripe reader. You will be charged $50 for the stripe reader, but the card reader is FREE

Step 5. Confirm if your shipping address is correct. Shipping is free, but you will need to enter your payment details if you chose to order the stripe reader.

Step 6. You can choose to have referral link or not. It’s up to you but for every person that you sign up you will be allowed to process up to $1000 in sales.

Step 7. You can now download your Square card reader POS app. They have both the iOS and the Android option, choose what works for you.

How do I use reader the first time?

After installing, run the app. it will then take you through how to carry out a transaction. Once you get it, go ahead and plug in your reader on your device. You can insert the reader on to your audio jack part of your phone or on any other mobile device. Ensure that the logo is facing upwards. When ready to use, the word “Ready” will appear on your screen.  Open the app and start taking in payments.

The card reader comes with a USB cable for charging so ensure your reader is always fully charged.

Choose the square card credit for convenience. It will take the pressure of handling payments off your shoulder for you to concentrate on other areas of your business.


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