3 Types of Point of Sales Software for Small Businesses in Canada

//3 Types of Point of Sales Software for Small Businesses in Canada

3 Types of Point of Sales Software for Small Businesses in Canada

A point of sales software is your cash register. It is mostly used in businesses and offices where goods and services are sold to consumers. This type of program is not only used by retail stores but also by people conducting online sales.

A POS software enables you to keep all records of your client’s transactions using your laptop or computer and later stores all the transaction either on the cloud or in your device. It holds records of your total sales and monitors every other thing. It can act as a retail POS system to handle and automate other areas of your business.

There is various POS system available on the market today. But today we are going to have a look at the best point of sales software in Canada for small businesses.

Toast POS Software in Canada for Restaurants

Toast is generally designed for restaurants. It aids in keeping the accounts updated easily and appropriately by giving convenient options and features that can be used in increasing customer satisfaction. You can use the Toast POS software for managing restaurant stock, bookings, and online orders.

Touch bistro POS Software in Canada for coffee shops, restaurants, bars and dining venues

These POS software is among one of the best software’s that were designed for coffee shops, bars, dining venues and restaurants. It is stored in the cloud and mainly targets IOS users.

With Touchbistro software, you will be in a position to manage tables and floor pans, tableside orders, create lavish menus, direct and schedule staff and manage the inventory right from your IPad. Whichever form of small business that you have, Touchbistro offers a cash-friendly and easy to use POS system that mainly focuses on your business needs.

Square POS software in Canada for any general business

If you want a general solution, I would recommend square. Square is easy to use and implement, and it also permits businesses to take payments in their shops using iOS and Android devices. It has a magstripe reader that allows you to accept payments using debit and credit cards. Other functions include item management, inventory tracking, and real-time sales.


Point of sales software is much more than a cash register. It can act as a complete retail management system that manages and automatically handles all aspects of your store.


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