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                        It seems like a boring basketball game, until the last second.

                        This skateboarder is in some serious pain!  watch close

                        This is a short video of a large helicopter crashing. it's ok.

                        Ever wondered how those women stay on the balance beams?

                        This is pretty funny!  A scooter, what a jackass!

                        This is an opening day baseball pitch, couldn't happen if you planned it!

                        This is a clip for you freestyle guys!     -  Deschamps films   

                        Another cool freestyle clip.

                        An Arenacross crash.  It's ok, a little fuzzy.

                      Ever seen the movie "Mall Rats?"  Fly fat ass, fly!

                      A slight twist I think, put some ice on it.

                      Kids and their piņata's

                       Ever watched someone light a fart on fire?   


                    Break a leg!                                                                              

                     Rabbit anyone! You gotta see this carnage!                               

                     That will give you just a little kick!

                       BMX back flip!

                         Carey Hart, first motocross backflip ever landed!

                        This guy is a complete ass!  You cops should love this.

                          The moral here, don't drink and skate. (.asf file)

                          Check out this guy.  Friends should not let friends be idiots.

                         This chimp is funny.  I think it's narrated by Bob Sagget

                         This clip hurts to look at!

                          A jump over some junk, who built the bike.  ouch.

                         Pizza delivery?  I think this is a fake, but it is a good one!

                           This chick is on fire! 

                        A blind date?  You need sound for this one. (.asf file) 

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